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In the wake of the NY times editorial yesterday, we’ve been asked to provide a link to the Amicus Curiae brief written by David Battisti, Christopher Field, Inez Fung, James E. Hansen, John Harte, Eugenia Kalnay, Daniel Kirk-Davidoff, James C. Mcwilliams, Jonathan T. Overpeck, F. Sherwood Rowland, Joellen L. Russell, Scott R. Saleska, John M. Wallace and Steven C. Wofsy in the current Supreme Court case (Commonwealth of Massachusetts et al vs. US EPA et al). Some discussion of this statement is also available at Prometheus.

Update: The brief is available here (see comments below).

Update 2: We also note that on the final brief, Mario Molina, Ed Sarachik, Bill Easterling, and Pam Matson were additional signers.

Update 3 The majority opinion in the case was written by Justice John Paul Stevens and has been cited as one of the most important environmental law decisions by the US Supreme Court. The text of the decision is available HERE.